Our Team

Welcome to FUZZU... for pets & you.

Cats and dogs have certain passions. Some you'd rather not share with them. But play... now that's something we can all get behind! And we're here to help. 

At FUZZU, we're an experienced hard-nosed team designing for playful, wet-nosed customers. Our own lives are guided by our furry best friends, who know exactly what they like! And we follow their lead. 

sarah-lee terrat

Sarah-Lee was born in California into a family of giants. Instead of joining the circus like her Uncle Weenie and Aunt Beatrice, she started her career in design, illustration and fine art in New York City.  After surviving her first professional decade in NYC, she escaped to Vermont to work as a designer for Ben & Jerry’s for many years. She started YeloDog Design in 1996, providing creativity in many forms—environmental and graphic design, custom murals and installations, illustration, and pet product design.  She has won several awards, including the Pulletsurprize, and might be able to remember others if you asked. 

Contact: Sarahlee@fuzzutoys.com

anne lika

Born into a family of pet people, Anne’s father lovingly named her after his favorite childhood dog, an English Setter. Yep, she was named after a dog.

After acquiring an art degree, she married John and ventured into the Northern wilds of Vermont with 2 cats, a medium-sized bark-happy dog and a baby on the way.

One fateful Christmas, Anne and her siblings made cat toys for all of the family’s cats, resulting in gut-splitting laughter and eventually inspiring Anne and John to co-found the pet toy company Fat Cat, Inc. 

Post-Fat Cat, Anne took some time to explore other creative endeavors. But she realized that her pets were bored and needed something new to play with. 

Well, she’s back at it. Anne is delighted to again be designing toys for cats, dogs and connecting to people through her humor and design.

Contact: Anne@fuzzutoys.com

john lika

John’s super power is marketing. Ben & Jerry’s brought him to Vermont, where he later co-founded the pet toy company, Fat Cat Inc. with Anne. 

He’s a kid at heart and marketing has always been his playground. To enter John’s office, one has to negotiate colorful toys, outsider art, really weird objects, and creative packaging examples. He is, in a word, inspired. John’s bald head glows with ideas. Literally. His left and right hemispheres have a close relationship… his super-sized marketing lobe constantly networks and schemes, while his beefy techie lobe (known to emit a mysterious humming noise) constructs complex systems and analyzes large blobs of information.

Contact: John@fuzzutoys.com

katherine mccormack
graphic design + marketing

Katherine is kind of quiet, but don’t think she isn’t watching you. And your dog. And that horrible tie you’re wearing.  And she’s probably drawing it on a post-it. Her skills at observing and recording the amazing details in life are pretty darned astounding. Fact: She survived art school and still has a great sense of design! 

Contact: Katherine@fuzzutoys.com