Grab Nabbers - Buy 2 Toys, Get 1 Free Collection Set


Toy Details

  • Set includes 3 Designs - Blossom the Possum, Earl the Squirrel, & Fish Tank Hank (and you only pay for two!)
  • Large 13" H X 7" W
  • Big, bold Squeaker
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Grabbable handle
  • Strapping strong trim for durability
  • Tough polyester twill fabric
  • GRAB THIS GIFT! Great for actively playing WITH your dog… A lively gift for families with an enthusiastic pup.
  • STRONGMAN STRONG: Constructed with rough n’ tough polyester twill and bound by strapping-strong trim for extra durability. 
  • NON-STOP FUN: Each toy is loaded with a robust squeaker to provide your pup with hours of rollicking fun! The handy-dandy handle makes for easy grabbing and tugging. Your dog will never let go!
  • NON-TOXIC: Safety is super important when it comes to choosing a toy for your dog. Crafted from premium quality, durable non-toxic materials and stuffed with fiberfill.

    We dare you to keep your hands (or paws) off our GrabNabbers-

    These tough characters feature grabbable handles, strapping strong trim and a big bold squeaker for hours of grabbing and tossing play.

    And the story begins like this-

    Noodle lived with his person, Biff Buffington. Biff worked as a circus strongman.  Biff was a Super Nice Guy, and Noodle was a Really Good Boy.  Noodle had a warm soft bed, daily workouts, popcorn every night, and an occasional stolen snack from the cat’s litter box. 

    One memorable day Biff brought home a BIG surprise!  More about this on the Grab Nabbers packaging!

      Collect All Three Designs! Fish Tank Hank, Earl the Squirrel, Blossom the Possum

      Guaranteed with a meow, a bark, and a handshake. Learn more about our Good Boy Guarantee